Why Keeping Your Dreams To Yourself Is a Good Idea


Everybody has had a dream at some point or another during their lifetime. Whether it was dreams of your wedding day when you were six years old or dreams about being the next Hulk Hogan, every little person that grows up to be a big person has had a dream for their life.

While I am a HUGE advocate for having a team of supportive people around you, you also have to be mindful of the chaos that can arise from having too many voices speaking at one time.

Why Keeping Your Dreams To Yourself Can Help You Achieve Them

I do believe that at the human core, we all have ample amounts of goodness in us – we want to see others win. We love to see our friends and family members happy. We’d expect that they’d desire the same from us in return, right?

Well, more often than not, our expectations of others are unmet. We find out that there is a little bit of underlying jealousy and pessimism lurking behind the scenes. And sometimes, we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

This is a sign that every now and again, keeping your excitement to yourself is sometimes the best option. When it comes to goals and dreams, it’s often better to keep it to yourself.

Based on my own personal experience and the first accounts of a few good people I know, here are a few good reasons why you should keep your dreams to yourself.

On Goals and Dreams: 4 Reasons To Keep It To Yourself

1. The ones you share your dreams with may try to talk you out of them.

keep it to yourself

Some of the people who may share your excitement when it comes to your dreams are usually the individuals that will try to discourage you from following it. Deep down inside, those you share your dreams with may be questioning their own – and in turn, they’ll question yours. 

They’ll ask “how” and “why” and “what happens if…” , things you may have already considered. But hearing them from the mouths of others may get to you. Unless you’re unshakably sure about what it is you desire to see for yourself, don’t allow someone else the opportunity to change your mind. For now, it might be best to keep it to yourself.

2. Sometimes people are not as happy for you as they depict themselves to be.

keep it to yourself

It’s a part of our innate human nature to WANT things. Sometimes, we want what others have – especially if it seems like it brings them a happiness we may lack. What does this mean? Just because they seem to be happy for you, they really may not be.

This kind of interaction affects us on a deeper emotional level than on the surface, because it toys with our emotions. We start questioning ourselves instead of the person sending negative vibes our way. “Maybe this dream is too big for me.” “If they don’t see how great this is, others may not either”, and so on.

Whenever you sense that someone in your circle may NOT be rooting for you as you think they should, don’t take it personal. Allow them to feel whatever it is they feel. Better yet, ask them HOW you can improve your plan to make your dream a reality. People like to feel included.

3. Your biggest supporters may be your biggest critics.

keep it to yourself

I once read this statement on a social media post and it changed my world:

“Stop taking constructive criticism from those who have never constructed anything!”

So often, the loudest voices are the voices of those who talk a lot but seldom act on what they say. And what good can that do? Nothing for you or them.

Know that criticism is NOT always a bad thing. Be willing to accept it – if and only if – it comes from a reputable source. If otherwise, it might be best to simply keep it to yourself. Remember: dream killers don’t fit the position!

4. Your dreams need your protection.

keep it to yourself

There is only one YOU. No matter how similar someone else’s dreams may seem to yours, only YOU can make your dreams happen the way you want them to. Just as you have to shield yourself from negativity, you have to do the same for your dream.

Keep it to yourself for protection. Treat your dreams like a newborn baby. Without the proper attention, nutrition, and constant validation, just as a baby won’t develop, neither will your dream. Protect it from those who may not want it to grow.

And because you may never know all those who may be against you, sometimes, things are better left unsaid. Let the product of your work speak for you.

The key to making your dream a reality is to believe so strongly in it that even if you have to make it happen alone, you are more than willing to do so. Don’t allow those who cannot control your destiny to deter you from doing what your soul desires to do.

You are in charge of seeing your dreams happen.


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