how to survive in 2020

How to survive in 2020

Hello, Todo’s how are you all, As you know the Year 2020 is going to be worse by day and it is very hard for a human to survive this year. In this blog, I am going to tell you all about How to survive in 2020 and all these are tested tips and are a practical one. But before that let me tell you why to survive in 2020 is so difficult and not same as other calendar years.


Let’s start with no. 1:- The Australian Bush Fire

How to Survive in 2020

Begun in December 2019, the Australian shrub discharge gave no indications of easing back down or halting. While most nations were observing New Year’s, Australia was confronting one of its greatest catastrophic events and a few states call for the crisis in January. According to a report distributed in the Medical Journey of Australia, the Australian bushfire consumed an expected 18.6 million hectares, wrecked more than 5,900 structures, and slaughtered in any event 34 individuals, while more than 400 individuals were murdered because of the lingering smoke inward breath.

Recently Uttrakhand also faced similar forest fire issue and making it worse for Indian people to survive in 2020

How to Survive in 2020

2.) The Floods In Indonesia and India

How to Survive in 2020

On January 1, 2020, crushing floods wrecked Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta and some neighbouring zones. More than 4 lakh individuals had to escape from their homes. The floods were joined by overwhelming downpours lashing the city bringing on additional harm as waterways flooded and individuals were lowered in waters that were 5ft inside and out. A few local people were casualties to suffocating or avalanches, while others passed on of electric stuns or avalanches. Around 66 individuals lost their lives to this catastrophic event of 2020 and making it difficult to survive in 2020.

In India states like Bihar, Assam some parts of Uttar Pradesh also come under the attack by the flood. Due to heavy rainfall and eruption of cloud caused floodic condition in various parts of Uttarakhand like pittorgarh.

3.) Corona Virus

How to Survive in 2020

On January 11, China recorded its first COVID-19 demise and on March 11, 2020, the WHO announced coronavirus a pandemic. As of April second, the worldwide coronavirus cases outperformed one million. Today, most nations are carefully venturing out of lockdown and attempting to continue life. Be that as it may, 8 months into 2020, there is still no immunization or prescription for Coronavirus. This is the biggest threat and creating a huge problem in (How to survive in 2020).

4.) Volcano Busting

How to Survive in 2020

The Taal Volcano is the second most dynamic well of lava in the Philippines and it began thundering on January twelfth in Luzon, trailed by an ejection and debris dust more than 100 km away. It had last emitted 43 years back. The Volcano left tremendous debris mists which caused mass departures of more than 300,000 individuals. On Feb thirteenth, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) and the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) announced an aggregate of 2,484 spring of gushing lava structural tremors in the region of the fountain of liquid magma, 176 of which were felt. The Philippines is as yet reeling from the fountain of liquid magma ejection with various nations sending in the residential guide.

5.) Earthquakes

How to Survive in 2020

Earthquakes are coming so frequently all over around the world. The avg magnitude of earthquakes was to found 3.5. India, Turkey, China, Iran, Russia were majorly affected by the earthquakes.

Problems like Locust Swarm attack and Cyclone Amphan were also major life threat in India.

How to Survive in 2020                                 How to Survive in 2020 source

So these are all the tragedies or you can say happen in this year, which makes our topic “How to survive in 2020”  gives a brief explanation why it is so difficult to survive in 2020.

NOW HOW TO SURVIVE IN 2020, To survive in 2020 you must be having these 3 Things in yourself


1:> Stong Mind

How to Survive in 2020

A strong mind is very very important to survive in 2020, the reason is so simple that is the people who are affected by the above calamities directly or indirectly affect their mental health or mind.


.Narrow Mindedness


These type of thought comes frequently in the mind, which creates problems to survive in 2020. If you want to overcome these things and want to build a strong mindset which helps to survive in 2020, then visit my blog on

How to make a strong mindset



How to Survive in 2020

A healthy person lives longer than an unhealthy person but it is 1000 % more important in 2020 to have good health. The reason is so simple lots and lots of people lost their relatives due to coronavirus( COVID19). This disease directly affects the immune system of the person and if the person is unhealthy then the chances of death are way more than the healthy one.

Most people lost jobs and are living inside their homes all the times. Due to the lockdown situation and the vast spread of COVID people don’t even go to parks and gyms for exercise. Fats, obesity, Low blood circulation, Diabetes etc problems are rising at a faster rate due to no activity in their curriculum. These habits leading them to bad health.


How to Survive in 2020

How to survive in 2020? Without money, no one survives in any year for a longer time. Food and Water is the most essential item for every living organism but without money, it is difficult to consume these essential items.

“Money is not everything But you need money for everything”

If you understand this quote then for sure you understand the power of money and also its importance. In India, lots of poor people lost their lives due to hunger and the reason is ‘MONEY’. These couldn’t able to afford the two most essential item FOOD and WATER. which impacted in losing their life. People losing their jobs and couldn’t able to find another one. Most of them have only one income source that is only job income and now when they lost their job they aren’t generating money nowadays. The downfall in GDP is also seen and many countries are suffering low GDP.

If one understand all the points and try to implement these, then “How to survive in 2020” is not very tuff for that person. If you like these points on how to survive in 2020 then share it with your friends, family, relatives and of course on all your social handles.


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how to survive 2020

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How do I survive in 2020?

To survive in the year 2020 you need 3 things to you, which are money, health and a very strong mind to survive in 2020 –

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