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How to lead healthy life and what to do to live healthy life all your answers at one place

Hello Todos, As an old saying Health is wealth and that is true and you all should believe on this, but what would happen if someone is not living a healthy life.

Do you know what should they do for a healthy lifestyle?

Do you know how to lead healthy life?

Do you know the ways to live to healthy life?

Do you really know what are the ways for healthy lifestyle

If you do not know any of the solutions to the above query then this article is for you. Believe That nothing is impossible in this world and to attain a healthy life is not a Big deal. The article contains the best and tested the top 7 ways that are needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s get started Step by Step Guide to the path to live healthy life…

Step 1.) Peace of Mind

how to lead healthy life

Whatever we do in our life is connected to our mind. We eat, we do a task, we play everything starting point is the mind. But if we cannot control our mind we cannot able to live healthy life. Each day around 60 thousand thoughts come to a normal person mind and it is very hard to control over all these thoughts. Some people have able to master this Mind and are living a peaceful life.

Attaining peace of mind is a very difficult task and people spent lots of years in finding the peace of mind state. There are a few tips I am going to share which help you attaining peace of mind:-

How to attain peace of mind:-

  • Find a quiet and beautiful place
  • Start doing meditation
  • Do it for 20 min for the first 21 days
  • If you able to hold 20min for 21 days increase the time and days
  • Make it as an important part of your life
  • After 90 days the result is in your hand

The above-listed tips is not a joke and if you think applying this won’t give any result. Then you should once in while visit the Himalayans where lots of monks have attain the peace of mind just by practising these things as their daily routine and are ageing over 100 years.

Step 2.) Breathing

how to lead healthy life

21st-century air is getting polluted day by day and it is hard to find fresh air for living organism on this planet earth. 70% nitrogen 21% oxygen rest other gases, this is the mixture of gases around us and we are more than 7 billion people. I am not going to give a science lecture just telling you how polluted our air is and we need to start taking action to stop pollution.

Breathing, A healthy breath is all that needed by the people to live healthy life. You Breathe every day every second of your life. But do you know the exact way to breathe? Yes from most of the time you were breathing incorrectly and here is the exact way:-

How to Breathe More Efficiently and Correctly:-

  • Put your hands on the stomach
  • Now Breathe In
  • While Breathing In make sure your stomach moves upward (as air-filled inside the stomach)
  • Slowly Breathe out

Most of the times we are in a hurry and do not give importance to our breathing. To stay fit a healthy breath is very important.

Step 3.) Healthy Eating

to live healthy life

To stay fit a healthy diet is very much important. Most of the peoples nowadays are eating so many junk food like pizza, burger, momos, coke and so many foods which are very hard to mention. Even in this pandemic, people do not have control over their tongue to stop these junk food for a few months. Why I am so much against eating junk food:-

Side effects of junk food:-

  • More fat in the body
  • irregular flow of blood (blockage may also be seen)
  • A lower level of oxygen
  • Faster tiredness
  • Lower Immune system

These are a few things and there are many more things which are the effect of eating junk food or fast food. Then you are probably thinking about what to eat? Let me tell you…

Junk food is bad for health but eating flesh is also bad for health. If these sides can be seen in 2 months after eating junk food then after eating flesh these might be seen in 7-9 months. In every holy book eating of flesh is considered as a crime and moving towards the of Veget.erain is Considered and told. The benefits of being or turning into a vegetarian are phenomenal. I will explain to You why…

Benefits of Being Vegetarian:-

  • Healthy body
  • Fresh mind
  • Increase in stamina and energy
  • Good circulation of blood and oxygen
  • Longer natural live
  • Less fat in the body
  • Lower Tiredness

There are so many advantages which are hard to explain here. So wait for my blog on Benefits of being Vegetarian or you should start to turn into vegetarian form now.

Vegetarian= A person who eats or consumes only green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk products. Do not eat Fleshy things and to lead healthy life also start boycotting JUNK FOOD.

Step 4.) Gain More Knowledge

how to lead healthy life

Knowledge is the key to everything and there is no limit, no age of gaining knowledge. You all might be wondering that awakening to stop smoking, stop alcoholic consumption, stop eating tobacco. I am telling you to gain knowledge, eat healthily, breathe more efficiently or stay calm. But trust me brother these tips are not ordinary tips and once implemented in your lifestyle you will be a to live healthy life and a happy one.

Knowledge leads to success of life, knowledge helps a person to become Guru. Knowledge is everything, you are reading this blog and this because I am sharing you some knowledge which I possess and by spreading it I am gaining lots and lots of knowledge. How one Should posses Knowledge…

How to gain Knowledge:-

  • By reading more
  • By learning from surrounding
  • By following your guru principles
  • By teaching others what you have
  • By meditating more

Gaining knowledge is not enough its practical implementation on daily is as important as grasping it. It is 50:50 rule 50% gaining and 50% implementing. The person who stops learning is the person who starts leading its life to hell. #Start gaining knowledge #Start spreading Knowledge.

Step 5.) Personal Reflection (Observing Yourself)

healthy lifestyle

This is one of the most crucial and much-needed tasks to lead a healthy life, but only a few know about this step.  Personal Reflection is reflecting yourself and improve health by observing your day to day activities. You might have listened to the motivational speeches, saw so many motivational videos of successful people. Let me tell you one thing for sure learning from surrounding by observing it a very great and lead you to live healthy life but observing yourself and learning from your reflection lead to healthy life than you ever lived.

You might also have heard a saying “People learn from mistakes” and this learning is called a personal reflection in my terms. For a healthy lifestyle, one should reflect their daily life meaning observing their daily life task and do not repeat their past mistakes. Also, upgrade yourself every day and make yourself a better person to lead healthy life. Healthy Lifestyle Tips for personal reflection…

How to do Personal Reflection to lead healthy life:-

  • As defined above personal reflection is about observing yourself
  • Make a list of the task you want to do in a day
  • Perform your daily task
  • Don’t Push yourself, Go easily on your daily routine
  • At night take 10 mins and recheck what you have done today
  • Mark all the done task
  • Which are not done it with the time you left in today’s 24 hours
  • Try to shift as much minimum task for tomorrow
  • Repeat again all the given strategies

If these things are done as stated will not lead to healthy life but also help you in becoming a successful person.

Step 6.) Get Up Early

to live healthy life

The world is changing at a very pace and people nowadays sleep late at night. Sleeping late at night is not a big issue the actual issue is waking up late in the morning. Let me give you a task:-

Task 1- Observe old people and mid old age people around yourself they have a habit. They wake up early, go to sleep around 9-10 pm and do their work.

What I am trying to say is that we are not living a healthy life because all the time we are in a hurry. We have a job at 10 am and we wake up at 8 and how will we reach at the time. To live healthy life we need to change our routine. You know the Boss thing is not sleeping late at night, The real boss thing is to wake up early in the morning. Let me give another task…

Task 2- For the first 7 days you sleep late night and for the next 7 days wake up early

I have done this and that’s why I am telling you waking up is the real boss thing but still, you have to perform it by yourself. The best time to wake up early is 4 AM as it is scientifically proved that at 4 am our brains work more efficiently than any other time.

Benefits of Waking up:-

  • You will get more time
  • You can spend more time on your personal reflection
  • You can sort out things easily
  • You will a have a peace mind
  • Your brain and bodywork more effectively

If you have made this as your life habit then for your sure a to live healthy life around 50% of the task is completed by just doing this step. Execution is the main problem and time management will also come, so to solve these issues go to step no. 5 and implement that.

Step 7.) Build Character

how to lead healthy life

For a Healthy Lifestyle or to lead healthy life or you can say to live healthy, the most crucial thing to live healthy life is character. A character which is unbreakable, unshakeable, unconvinceable. The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual is defined as a character.

Let me give you some example of people having great character:-

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo and John Cena:- Both having a character of Never Give Up. You might have seen Ronaldo scoring in last minutes, on the other hand, John Cena winning after beaten up brutally.  This shows a character.
  2. Mahindra Singh Dhoni and Bruce Lee:- Both having a great presence and cool of mind. How to deliver under pressure winning knocks was taught to the world by Dhoni and Bruce lee taught while fighting the more calm and compose your mind is the better and fast you fight.

A character is not built in a day. It is one such thing which leads you a successful, healthy lifestyle. You need to perform task in daily routine to achieve character.

What is a good character?

A Good character has these qualities:-

  1. Should not be a gold digger
  2. Should have his own point of view
  3. Should understand what is right or what is wrong
  4. Learn to live a simple life
  5.  Strong Will
  6. Speak Truth and Stand beside Truth

These are some qualities one should have to have a good character. After having these qualities you only require few activities to build a character, to build a very good character.

How to Build a Character to live healthy life?

  • Build up consistency
  • Have a strong determination
  • Have Strong Desire
  • Stay happy
  • Help people and spread happiness
  • Do meditation
  • Believe in yourself

These are the thing which I do and strongly believe that you should apply this in your life to build a character which lead to live healthy life. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved if one does this thing in their life because the above-stated steps are not theoretical things, all these things are practical and have been implemented by me and many other successful people who living a healthful life.



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