how to build strong mindset

How to build strong mindset like MS Dhoni and Crisitiano Ronaldo and the other best performers on this planet

The step by step guide on How to Build Strong Mindset-

Hello, Todo’s how to make strong mindset is one such topic that everybody wants to have in their life but only a few able to attain that strong mindset. I am not going to say by the reading this you all gonna make strong mindset and get strong mindset. But if you practise and do all the task and implement all the things which are stated below with full love and passion, then not in one day but for sure one day you will get a strong mindset as only 5% worlds population have.

Moving forward I would just like clear one thing which is very important that is people who have strong mindset don’t do different things actually they do the same things differently. Here the few things that every successful entrepreneur, athlete, actor have in common:-

Step 1: They are Good learner

how to make a strong mindset

Learning is the never-ending process but many people after completing their graduation and post-graduation think that the learning section of there is life is over but it is all myth. The true learning start after that for a person. The greatest thing to learn for a person in life is the “How to Be Good in Life”. If someone learned how to be good at life then he will become a long racehorse in the real world.

A good learner never depends on learning taught in schools and colleges. A good learner learnt from the surrounding, which makes him developing those required skills to beat the other person.

“Bookish knowledge only increase the quantity of knowledge not the quality of knowledge for that one should learnt to be practical in life”

How to be strong mindset learner

  • Start reading books daily
  • make a habit of learning
  • surround yourself with good people
  • start observing thing happening in your surrounding
  • Don’t depend on formal education
  • Set daily goals which push you to achieve success in life

Step 2: They Have Set Goals

how to have a strong mindset

A person who wants to build a strong mind always have to make goals. A goal which inspires them, which helps them to do what they really want to do, a goal which makes them feel happy. Without having goals no one in this world will become great.

Do you know that what all the 5% worlds strongest mindset have in common:-  GOALS

This is one such thing which always helps you succeed in life. Most of the entrepreneur wake up early in the morning and complete all the daily task which at the end of the day leads them close to their goals.

How to set goals for achieving a strong mindset

  • Find out what you love to do
  • Set a vision for that
  • Make a checklist to achieve that vision
  • start to perform the daily task in the checklist

Step 3: They have Guiders

how to build strong mindset

Guider is a person who leads travellers, sportsmen, or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar locations. The term can also be applied to a person who leads others to more abstract goals such as knowledge or wisdom. So this specifies people who generally have a strong mindset have a mentor, guru, guider which help them in achieving them how to get strong mindset.

Talking from Cristiano Ronaldo to Virat Kohli or Roger Federer to Novak Djokovic. Everyone has a mentor in their life. So in a similar, if you want to have a strong mind you must be having one mentor.

Benefits of having Guider(Mentor)

  1. They give you the best solution to your problems
  2. They tell you what makes you better than other
  3. They help you in finding your weakness and strengths
  4. They teach you the most appropriate skills
  5. They help you in overcoming your fear

How to find the right mentor to make a Strong mindset

  1. He/she must have the experience
  2. He/she is a good leader
  3. He/she is a practical person
  4. He/she should believe in moral principles
  5. He/she is never giving up minded person

Step 4: They should understand themself

how to build strong mindset

Understanding yourself is very difficult and this is the main reason people fail to make a strong mindset. The one who understands himself is the one of is conquering the world and this sentence does not need an example. You all the champions, the conquerors who are at the top of the world. One and only simply skill in they are mastered is:-

“They understand themself better than everybody else in the world”

How to understand yourself to build a strong mindset

  1. Figured out the things which make you happy
  2. Do those on a regular basis
  3. Keep practising and master on it
  4. Do self-talk for 15 min every day
  5. Think with the mind but listen to the heart

Step 5: They should have controlled Fatigue

how to have a strong mindset

To Build a strong mindset one should know their limits. Fatigue is one such barrier which always comes in between building a strong mind or successful carrier. Earlier fatigue was less as compared to now because earlier there was fresh air, fresh environment, freshwater but now you all know how much polluted the environment is.

So people generally getting lots of fatigue due to environmental issues. An improper way of doing work also leads to fatigue. People should be smart while doing any work as smart people faces less fatigue than the less smart because they do the same task with more efficiently and effortlessly.

How to build strong mindset with less Fatigue

  1. Become a smart person
  2. Make sure of good health
  3.  Do not do irregular work

Step 6: They Should Value Time

how to have a strong mindset

Time the all in one problem for peoples life is that they have limited time. The riches have 24 hrs, the poor have 24hrs and the wealthier have 24 hours. Everybody on this planet has only and only 24 hrs a day to the time they alive. It all matters on ourself how well use those hrs and make the most out of it.

Time is one such natural thing which does not stop for anyone and no can control over yet. It Keeps on going and going and going.

How to have strong mindset along with time

  1. Value time
  2. Don’t waste each second of the day
  3. Put important things first as To-do list

Step 7: They Should learn to Walk Alone

how to have a strong mindset

Earlier people tend to say learn to stand alone but standing seeing time running will not able to have you your desired goal. Walking is the new thing you should learn to have what you want. This does not mean to leave your team or your staff and all by yourself. It means do not depend on others as no one in this world is as much as powerful as you are.

Walking alone will give you confidence, courage, increases your self-esteem. A lion in the forest is the best example of walking alone. whether he is hunting in groups he is not dependent on the other fellow for his predator.

How to build strong mindset while walking alone benefits

  1. Gives you courage, confidence
  2. increases self-esteem
  3. Give you more time with yourself
  4. Make you feel the one-man army
  5. Make you stand out of the crowd


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What is a strong mindset?

A strong mindset is a acheivement over mind thoughts which help one doing tremendously in any sort of task and far better than other.

How can I get a strong mindset?

1. Be good learner
2. Have set Goals
3.Have a Mentor
4.Undertand Yourself
5.Controll over Fatigue
6.Value Time
7. Learn walk alone

What does being strong mentally mean?

Mentally strong mean one is a having a very strong mindset which others fails to have and which help one in fullfilling task with ease

How do you know if you’re mentally strong?

.You are kind
.Changing your mind
.Acknowledging your weaknesses
.Being patience
.Asking for help
.overcoming Failing
.Expressing emotions
.Never give up minded

What is a weak minded person?

.He is not kind
.Not Changing your mind
.Not Acknowledging your weaknesses
.Is not Being patience
.Not Asking for help is a weakness
.Fear of Failing
.Less Expressing emotions
.Easily Give up

How can I be strong in life?

1. Be good learner
2. Have set Goals
3.Have a Mentor
4.Undertand Yourself
5.Controll over Fatigue
6.Value Time
7. Learn walk alone

What are the 2 types of mindsets?

1. I Don’t know how to do it
2. I Don’t want to do it

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