About Us

Todocreer is a combination of two spanish word todo means “ALL” and believe means “everything”. The motive of this is blog is to inspire people and help them on believing on themself. 


Harsh Kumar Tiwari is my name and i am the owner of this site. As i already mentioned my motive why i made this website. 


Our story

I get to know about blogging in my 1st year of college and then i started todocreer.com this is my first website on which i work. Its been 2.5 years of my blogging journey with todocreer.  I worte so many amazing articles which rank pretty well on web but due to some technical reason i couldn’t able to recover my data and now making a comeback. You can name this as “todocreer2.0”.

A passionate blogger and moving forward to inspire lots of people with thoughtfull knowledge regarding “How Someone live Life simply” #SimplyfyingLife.

Motivation,Life Goals, Life hacks are some of the major topics you gonna find in my site.



We help you Entertain through many ways.

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Are not a gud reader in your life then,Listen my podcasts and stay healthy and happy in your life. 

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