50 Kim Nam-joon (RM from BTS) Quotes & Lyrics About Beauty & Society


These Kim Namjoon quotes about life and music will brighten your day.

Kim Namjoon, who goes by his stage name RM or Rap Monster, is a South Korean rapper and songwriter. He is best known as the leader of the music group BTS, also called the Bangtan Boys. His creative mind and unique perspective on the world will inspire you to think deeply about how you live your life.

50 Kim Namjoon Quotes About Beauty in Society

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The impact that Kim Namjoon has had on the music industry is undeniable. These Kim Namjoon lyrics discuss mental health, grief, loss, individualism, and a wide range of societal issues. As you read through this list of BTS lyrics and the best Kim Namjoon quotes about beauty, you will begin to understand his artistry and character.

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Kim Namjoon quotes about life, beauty, and music

1. “Music transcends language. BTS communicates with our fans by staying true to ourselves and believing in music every day.” – Kim Namjoon

2. “If you want to love others, I think you should love yourself first.” – Kim Namjoon

3. “Popularity is a bubble. It’s a mountain: you can go up really hard but walk down really fast.” – Kim Namjoon

4. “I’ve had to accept that – that everyone cannot love me. Because when there’s love, there’s hate. When there’s light, there’s dark. But it was really hard to accept as an artist that there’s a lot of people that hate me, but on the other side, there are many more people who love me. I think everyone goes through that.” – Kim Namjoon

5. “When we don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, we always say, ‘Oh, I’m so lonely. I want a date,’ or something like that. But I think the biggest love we’re all searching for is the love for one’s self.” – Kim Namjoon

6. “In Korean, the word ‘future’ is made up of two parts. The first part means ‘not,’ and the second means ‘to come.’ In that sense, ‘future’ means something that will not come. This is to say the future is now, and our now is us living our future.” – Kim Namjoon

7. “They say people live to be happy. If you actually think about what happiness is, it’s nothing much. When you get to eat ramen after feeling really, really hungry, that’s happiness.” – Kim Namjoon

8. “We’re on some path that’s set since we’re born, but I still believe we can change some things. So I believe in my faith, but I still don’t believe in my fate.” – Kim Namjoon

9. “The concept of The ‘Most Beautiful Moment in Life’, that was chapter one for us; it feels like that because we were starting from the bottom, but on this concept, ‘Love Yourself’, we started to talk about some brighter things, like the real things in life.” – Kim Namjoon

10. “I go to somewhere I haven’t been and just watch people and colors. That’s my inspiration.” – Kim Namjoon

Kim Namjoon quotes that will brighten your day

11. “My grades put me in about 5,000th place in all of South Korea. If I kept going down that path, I would’ve become a successful man with a regular job. However, I was positive I’d be number one in the country as a rapper. So I asked my mother whether she wanted to have a son who was a first-place rapper, or a 5,000th-place student.” – Kim Namjoon

12. “I’m always afraid of making mistakes. I think I was born with that.” – Kim Namjoon

13. “We’re trying to say that if you, in love, when you’re not true to yourself, the love won’t last. Because love is complex, and we always have the dark sides and the sad sides.” – Kim Namjoon

14. “I have no driver’s license, so I ride a bicycle beside the Han River. That’s what I really love because no one gives a damn about me for that moment. I feel so free.” – Kim Namjoon

15. “Most of our music is about how we perceive the world and how we try to persist as normal, average human beings. So our fans inspire us and give us a direction to go as musicians. And of course, their love and support keeps us going.” – Kim Namjoon

16. “If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears, and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think love really includes all of that.” – Kim Namjoon

17. “No sleep makes a human into another human.” – Kim Namjoon

18. “I taught myself English. My English teacher was the sitcom ‘Friends.’ Back in the days when I was, like, 15, 14, it was like a syndrome for Korean parents to make their kids watch ‘Friends.’ I thought I was a victim at that time, but now I’m the lucky one.” – Kim Namjoon

19. “Humans seem to be programmed to think of ambivalent feelings at the same time. That is the driving force behind human beings: to be the warrant of all things and to control other worlds.” – Kim Namjoon

20. “I was an underground rapper and only 16 years old, a freshman at high school. Bang thought I had potential as a rapper and lyricist, and we went from there. Then Suga joined us.” – Kim Namjoon

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21. “In 2014, I knew my English was not so bad, but I had no confidence in talking directly to an English-speaking reporter. I had to do a short interview with, I think, Reuters from France. I was so nervous. I practiced memorizing three sentences for two hours. But, I think that these kinds of interviews make me develop a lot, and that helps me.” – Kim Namjoon

22. “Our lyrics deal with real issues that face all humans: choices in life, depression, self-esteem. And the fans know that we are there for them, and they are there for us.” – Kim Namjoon

23. “It’s my official role to represent BTS to the world, and it’s been a chance for me to mature as a person, but behind the scenes, I’m just one of seven members, and I’m inspired by the others all the time.” – Kim Namjoon

24. “Came from a song that I made from, like, 2012 – there was some phrase like ‘Rap Monster’, and I just, I thought it was so cool. But as I grow up, and as I came to America, I think it felt like too much. So I just abbreviated it to ‘RM’, and it could symbolize many things. It could have more spectrums to it.” – Kim Namjoon

25. “I can’t speak for other artists; every group has a different approach. For us, it will always be important to keep working hard, dancing better, writing better songs, touring, and setting an example.” – Kim Namjoon

26. “J-Hope always tries to cheer us up, and I’m so grateful. Actually, I like to call him a new leader for the group.” – Kim Namjoon

27. “We try to make our own BTS context. Maybe it’s risky to bring some inspiration from novels from so long ago, but I think it paid off more. It comes through like a gift box for our fans. That’s something you can’t find easily from American artists.” – Kim Namjoon

28. “It is in our genes that we think of breaking up when we love and of failure and fall when we succeed.” – Kim Namjoon

29. “BTS fans – the ‘ARMY’ – tell us about their feelings, failures, passions, and struggles all the time.” – Kim Namjoon

30. “I like learning. I’ve been studying Japanese for years now, but it’s really hard.” – Kim Namjoon

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31. “Music really transcends languages, and it means so much.” – Kim Namjoon

32. “I believe that there’s no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality.” – Kim Namjoon

33. “When I perform my role well, I feel proud.” – Kim Namjoon

34. “I love to try the local food wherever I am. But I’m not that adventurous when it comes to eating. I prefer to be safe. I have failed at eating some daring food.” – Kim Namjoon

35. “When I wrote the lyrics, melodies, and the first themes of ‘Serendipity,’ I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people’s lives.” – Kim Namjoon

36. “It was like a cliche for the parents in my hometown to let their kids watch ‘Friends.’ I had no interest at first, because I could not understand a word.” – Kim Namjoon

37. “We are so lucky because all our fans from around the world are great. We love all our fans from everywhere, and they want us to visit them. We will try! They are really the best fans we could wish for.” – Kim Namjoon

38. “I loved writing lyrics for rap when I was in junior high. I loved studying, but somehow I wanted to be a rapper who can write and rap.” – Kim Namjoon

39. “BTS as a group sort of took off with the success of our 2015 album that had our hit single ‘I Need U.’” – Kim Namjoon

40. “I’m always ready to be challenged. Like, ‘Wings: Outro,’ it was hip-house. That was the first time I’d ever listened to that genre… but I liked it.” – Kim Namjoon

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41. “When we’re talking about our title tracks, ‘DNA’ is about the expression of a young, passionate love.” – Kim Namjoon

42. “I get free life lessons from J-Hope and Jimin; sometimes it’s like they’re 10 years older than me.” – Kim Namjoon

43. “Our fans have become a major part of this campaign with their action and enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans in the world!” – Kim Namjoon

44. “In many countries, when I gave the name ‘Rap Monster,’ I often heard that it was ‘too much.’” – Kim Namjoon

45. “It’s not easy to run a social media account over a long period of time, but we love communicating with our fans every day and night.” – Kim Namjoon

46. “I wake up. If I have a rehearsal, I go do that, and when I come back to the hotel, I sit down and turn on the laptop, ’cause I’ve got nothing to do without that!” – Kim Namjoon

47. “Looking back, that’s when I began to worry about what other people thought of me and started seeing myself through their eyes. I stopped looking up at the stars at night. I stopped daydreaming. I tried to jam myself into moulds that other people made. Soon, I began to shut out my own voice and started to listen to the voices of others. No one called out my name, and neither did I. My heart stopped and my eyes closed shut. So, like this, I, we, all lost our names. We became like ghosts.” – Kim Namjoon

48. “I don’t plan to restrict myself to rapping in the future, and I didn’t want to come off as too aggressive, which is why I thought about changing my name.” – Kim Namjoon

49. “Maybe I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me. I am who I am today, with all my faults. Tomorrow I might be a tiny bit wiser, and that’s me, too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life. I have come to love myself for who I was, who I am, and who I hope to become.” – Kim Namjoon

50. “I think we’re always doing something for teenagers and youngsters because BTS originally performed itself as a socially conscious band. We always wanted to sell our performances like we did with our debut.” – Kim Namjoon

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Throughout his musical career, Kim Namjoon has achieved great success and has worked with a variety of accomplished artists. If you’re a fan of Kim Namjoon, you will love listening to his collaborations as well as his solo work. He is a legendary artist and a master of K-pop, hip hop, and R&B music. This collection of the best Kim Namjoon quotes about music will make you want to relisten to your favorite songs.

Kim Namjoon is a beloved musician with a huge fanbase. If you have never listened to his work before, check out some of his most famous songs. These quotes will brighten your day and uplift your mood. Share them with your loved ones today.

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